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Frequently Asked Questions
I already work for an MGM Resorts International property. Can I apply for the jobs listed on this site?

If you are currently employed by one of the MGM Resorts International properties or subsidiaries and are interested in pursuing another opportunity within the company, you will need to apply through the internal Job Opportunities Program. If you are selected for a new position through this program, you must resign your original job prior to beginning the new one. It is against company policy to work at more than one MGM Resorts International property.

Do any of your properties have student internship programs?

Yes, MGM Resorts International does coordinate internships for qualified students. Internships are designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience necessary for a successful career in the Hospitality Industry. Please contact your specific MGM Resorts International property of interest for information on internship availability and how to apply. Internships may not be offered at every MGM Resorts International property. For information on the Hospitality Internship Program offered by MGM Grand, please click here.

Do all of the MGM Resorts International companies require drug testing?

Yes, drug testing is a condition of employment at all MGM Resorts International companies.

Does the MGM Resorts International have a management program for recent college graduates?

Yes, MGM Resorts International is proud to offer the Management Associate Program (MAP). MAP is a six-months, hands-on training program designed for recent college graduates. These candidates must possess sufficient skills, both academically and through work experience, to meet the challenges and demands of management. MAP is specifically designed to help build future generations of leaders in our company and provides participants with an unparalleled training and mentoring experience.

MAP is a company-wide program. Participating properties and specific department placement is determined at the start of each MAP application period. If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding this dynamic opportunity, please contact either of the following:

Bellagio Recruitment Team

MGM Grand University

I'm having trouble cutting and pasting my resume in the window provided.
  • Copy the resume from your text document (example: MS Word) by opening/viewing the document and selecting Edit - Select All from the menu bar, then Edit, Copy.
  • Go back to the enrollment page where you want to paste the resume.
  • Click into the Resume text box. You will see your curser blinking in the box.
  • Go to the menu bar at the top of the browser and select Edit, Paste. This will put the resume into the text area.
  • View what you have pasted in and make sure that all is visible within the limits of the box
My resume doesn't look like it will fit within the text box provided.

How your resume looks in the text box is not necessarily how it will look when an employer views it. After you complete creating/updating your resume profile, you will be shown a preview of your information. This format is the same that employers will see. You will be given an option to modify your information from the resume review screen. Be sure to align the bullets, tabs and spacing to ensure a well-formatted view for the recruiters.

Can I use HTML when formatting my resume within the text box?

Do not use HTML when submitting your resume. Your resume will be viewed by recruiters with widely varying screen dimensions, including Palm Pilots. Your resume might be converted into straight ASCII text and imported into a database or resume management software.

What's the best way to target my job search?

You can fine tune your job search by using specific keywords in the Keyword Search. If these keywords are in any part of a job, the search will return those jobs.

Example keywords: marketing, business administration
These words will result in job descriptions that include either marketing or business administration or both.

Example: Business Administration
These words together result in job descriptions that include both words in the order you type them in.

Example: Business Administration and marketing and entry level
These words result in job descriptions that include all of these words.

Can I select more than one choice in a list box?

To select multiple choices in a drop down box, hold down the 'Control' key while clicking the options with the mouse. Use the 'Shift' key if your using a Macintosh.

Can I print my resume within the application screen?

When you are reviewing your resume, click into that frame. From your browser's menu, select 'File' and 'Print - only selected frame.'

How do I change my username and password?

You will not be able to change your username or password. If you lose your password, you can click on the "Forgot Password" link on the left navigation bar. If you have forgotten your username, you will need to register again.

How do the Job Spies work?

Every hour, your Spies will search the job database. If a new job has been added that contains your Spies criteria, that job will be emailed to you! Enter the keywords that a job should contain in the "Keyword(s)" box. Create a memorable name for your these keywords. Each time you use a Spy, it will re-index the database and return jobs in chronological order.

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